Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pre-View Mafioso Marketing 2 by Rhys Davies


Somebody, in Rhys Davies organization has leaked an example of pre-selling. Its a chapter called "How to Get the Whole Internet to Read What You write!" Its from the soon to be released Mafioso Marketing 2 (MM2).

Pre-selling is the art of earning the your customers' trust. How do you earn that trust? You communicate your understanding of the customer's position, what the customer wants and the road blocks to getting there. You show a willingness to help the customer through the obstacles. You demonstrate an expertise of the product.

So what does this all have to do with the leaked Mafioso Marketing Chapter?

Read the chapter for the pre-selling skills. "Get" how he does it?

I putting this one in my "Be Like This Swipe File." I also have an "Avoid This Swipe File"

Imagine what this kind of pre-selling in articles, landing pages and classifieds will do?

Now its up to you. Get your free chapter by clicking here.

Just so you know, I'm retired and supplementing my income with internet marketing. Yes, I've seen some success.

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